About Us

Pub Dog Training School

Established in 2017, Pub Dog training school prides itself on using research-based, positive methods to teach and support both dogs and owners. We specialise in many areas of training and behaviour, for all breeds, sizes and temperaments. There is no dog too big and no issue too small!

We understand first hand, that dogs are not only our pets, but also our best friends and our family, and we know how much of our lives we dedicate to looking after them. At pub-dog training school, we aim to help you and your dog enjoy every aspect of your lifestyle. We define a pub dog as calm, obedient, and friendly, a dog that you don’t have to worry about and enjoys a social life! The stereotypical dog curled up by the fire in the local, undisturbed by anything going on around them.

Pub Dog training school tailors training plans to the needs of the individual, as not all situations are the same. Our flexibility in training schedules and expertise allow us to get the most out of your training sessions and focus on your goals.

Our head trainer, Eric Grainger, has a higher education qualification in Animal welfare and a NASDU training qualification. But he can also offer seven years of experience training a range of dogs and other species. This allows us to offer a combination of experience-based and research-based training methods, with maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do. Training techniques are regularly updated to reflect current research in animal behaviour, and we use qualified clinical animal behaviourists to provide consultancy on our training plans.

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Peter Roberts

" Eric has visited us twice and provided invaluable information and demonstrated how to train a puppy (Betty - border terrier) We have then been putting these techniques into practice with great success Eric is patient, knowledgeable and explains it from dogs angle too and then you understand why you get the reaction and behaviour We asked loads of questions and he made us show him that we could do what we needed to do Thanks to you Eric - Betty is making great progress and gets my recommendation. "

-- Peter Roberts
Dan Haynes

" Eric is a fantastic and very knowledgeable dog trainer. He helped us immensely when my puppy Rocky, became increasingly people and dog reactive while on lead. I really appreciated the positive, rewards-based approach and he gave some great advice for me regarding adapting different training tools to suit my day to day life. I found that many dog training books recommend different techniques not all that will work with your own dog, the experience and knowledge of Eric identified where the anxiety and behaviour patterns stemmed from, once this was done the training was easy. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone. "

-- Dan Haynes
Vicky Robinson

" I’ve been amazed by Eric’s training with my not so little pup, he has helped my grate Dane learn a lot of obedience and tricks that I would never have been able to do on my own! She is much calmer around the house & out on her walks and is amazing greeting other people and their pets. Eric is not just a trainer when he is here, his love for dogs makes the difference, it is a great comfort for me as a dog owner to know that she is in loving, understanding and certainly patient hands.I highly recommend Pub Dog Training to anybody who is looking for exceptional dog training. "

-- Vicky Robinson